Carpal Tunnel Helpline - Carpal Tunnel DSyndrome - Symptoms - Examining the handMany of the treatments that were only available via trained therapists and other medical practitioners have been re-configured for self administration – i.e. for home use. However, there are occasions where it is still sensible to take advantage of the skill of a trained specialist.

In these cases, a few sessions with a trained therapist for example could be a useful starting point. It gives you a good idea of the process …. and will allow you to set realistic expectations of the possible outcomes.

The list below attempts to be reasonably comprehensive although it must be acknowledges that there are some treatments that have been omitted. Where possible, these will be added in the near future. Electromagnetic therapy is one of these. Once we have more reliable data on this technique, we will include it in the list. For the time being, for further information: John Hopkins University.


Carpal Tunnel Helpline - Treatments - Acupuncture

Acupuncture: a traditional Chinese therapy using extremely fine needles.

Carpal Tunnel Helpline - Treatments - Acupressure

Acupressure: same pressure points but no needles.

Carpal Tunnel Helpline - Yoga-For-Carpal-Tunnel (1)

Yoga: yoga exercises for carpal tunnel syndrome and general relaxation.


Carpal Tunnel helpline - Treatments - Myofascial Massage

Myofascial Massage: deep tissue massage to remove adhesions etc.

Carpal Tunnel Helpline - Treatments - Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy: removing muscle knots and trigger points.

Carpal Tunnel helpline - Treatments - Hand Exercises

Hand Exercises: simple hand exercises with physiotherapist.


Carpal Tunnel Helpline - Treatments - Infrared treatment

Infrared Treatment: harnessing the power of infrared light to heal.

Carpal Tunnel Helpline - treatments - Deep penetrating light

Deep Penetrating Light: LED light therapy initially developed by NASA.

Carpal Tunnel Helpline - treatments - Low level laser

Low Level Laser: using the photonic healing of cold lasers to heal soft tissue.


Carpal Tunnel Helpline - treatments - TENS and EMS

TENS & EMS: combination units – TENS with EMS equipment.

Carpal Tunnel helpline - Treatments - Ultrasound

Ultrasound: high and low energy sound waves to relax muscle tissue.

Carpal Tunnel Helpline - Treatments - Electrotherapy - Healiohealth

Electrotherapy: electrical stimulation for nerve pain.


Carpal Tunnel Helpline - Treatments - Natural Remedies

Herbal Medicine: natural remedies, essential oils, herbal medicines.

Carpal Tunnel Helpline - Treatments - Homeopathy 2

Homeopathy: used on its own or to complement other treatments.

carpal Tunnel helpline - Treatments - Vitamins and supplements

Vitamins and Supplements: vitamins such as B6, supplements and food additives.